Tour de Force





Veronika Hladikova

Production Company

Stillking Films

Executive Producer

Matthew Stillman, Antony Hoffman


Special thanks to FRANTIŠEK BABICKÝ - the legendary Czech cycling designer of Favorit, Pro cycling team technician.


1933 ...'Bon chance monsieur' says the butcher, hero hops back on his bike and joins a group of six riders pushing hard on a cobbled country road. A priest blesses them ...

Our guy back on bike alone goes through a tunnel, close up of face as he emerges suddenly he is swarmed by a group of 1960’s cyclists and he gives chase. 1960’s, A pack of bikers pass a old town hall  ...  

Hero guy going down a hill fast, his head down, suddenly a swarm of modern 2011 bikers blow by him, he cant believe it, what happened where is he?

Its 2011, hero guy arrives in a pack of modern cyclist its super high tech gear with modern helmets, glasses. He looks totally out of context to this new modern world, bikers are jostling for the finish. He looks around at the modern racers, he feels like he has been riding for 80 years and has not stopped.

Hero guy sees the finish line, exhausted about to collapse and with ever bit of heart he has left he peddles each step is like he has a brick legs exhausted, he pushes nothing left, his bike ambers across the road his arm out to brace his fall, a modern Skoda enters frame, just in time his hand touches the roof, we see the Skoda, he pushes off the finish line and just before he crosses it.


Commercial gallery

Client Director Producer Production company Location  
Seat One Victoria Pile Brock Van den Bogaerde Sneezing Tree Barcelona Show more
Bouygues James Gray Aurelie Bruneau Les Telecreateurs Montevideo, Uruguay Show more
Gillette Markus Walter Adam Gross Anonymous Content Prague Show more
Nissan Murano Martin Werner Renaud Jaged Henry de Czar Prague Show more
Syoss Tryan George Gunnar Meyer Tempomedia Prague Show more
IF insurance Adam Berg Rickard Edholm Camp David Prague Show more
Kronenbourg Andy McLeod Kirsty Dye Rattling Stick Prague Show more
Heineken Martin Krejci Richard Fenton Stink Prague Show more
Stella Artois Joachim Back Sophie Hubble Park Pictures Prague Show more
Orange "Cineday" Antoine Bardou-Jacquet Marc Fuentes Partizan Prague Show more
GE - Ecomagination Traktor Rani Melendez Traktor Prague Show more
Macy's Carl Byrd Jack Noone New York Production Services Prague Show more
Flora Mike Long Dave Knox Epoch Films Prague Show more
Channel 5 Richard Thrift Mike Capon Earth London Prague Show more
Trident Brett Foraker Betsy Blakemore RSA Films Prague Show more
Twix Mike Maguire Gustav Geldenhuys Independent Prague Show more
13eme Rue Benjamin Parent Aurelie Bruneau Les Telecreateurs Prague Show more
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Tarsem Tommy Turtle @radical media Prague Show more
HP Ne-O Juliet Naylor Skunk Prague Show more
Eurosport Sebastien Cannone Aurelie Bruneau Les Telecreateurs Prague Show more
Samsung Daniel Benmayor Julien Lemaitre Anonymous Content Prague Show more
Faithless "Fiat" Stylewar Richard Fenton Stink Prague Show more
Pepsi Norway Sebastian Hedin Karl Wetter Acne Films Prague Show more
Gas Natural Hugo Menduina Victor Mata Agosto Prague Show more
VW "Golf" Aaron Ruell Aurelie Bruneau Les Telecreateurs Prague Show more
Shell Antoine Bardou-Jacquet Partizan Prague Show more
Tennent's Daniel Kleinmann Rattling Stick Prague Show more
Schick Joakim Reveman Ben Schneider @radical media Prague Show more
Keith beer Tony Petrossian Steam Films Prague Show more
Colgate Charles Mehling Greg Schultz Chelsea Pictures Prague Show more
Lucozade Mark Denton, Sean De Sparengo Bobby Brown Coy! Prague Show more
Pizza Wagner Martin Haerlin Sybille Oberth Hager Moss Film Prague Show more
Coca Cola Daniel Kleinman James Hatcher Rattling Stick Prague Show more
Tanqueray Mathew Cullen, Jesus de Francisco Scott Gemmell Motion Theory Prague Show more
Kozel Gunnar Olafsson, Samuel Bjarki Petursson Hera King Crossroads Velke Popovice Show more
Evian Michael Gracey Bernard Amsellem Partizan Prague Show more
Philips Adam Berg Simon Eakhurst Stink Prague Show more
Mahou Nicolas Caicoya Victor Mata Agosto Prague Show more
Malibu Randy Krallman Gustav Geldenhuys Smuggler Prague Show more
Madonna - Celebration Jonas Akerlund Margo Mars Black Dog Films Barcelona Show more
Tiger Beer Derin Seale Kathryn Rhodes @radical media Prague Show more
Guiness Nacho Gayan Molly Pope Stink Cape Town Show more
Saab "Release me" Adam Berg Stefan Falk Camp David Barcelona Show more
Coca Cola "Ice Dance" Paul Hunter Nina Huang HSI Productions Prague Show more
Citroen Logan Helene Husson Nobody Films Santiago de Chile Show more
Power Horse Antony Hoffman Michaela Berkova Stillking Films Cape Town Show more
Orange "Thanks" Joe Roman Tim Katz Knucklehead Santiago de Chile Show more
BBC One Frank Budgen Paul Rothwell Gorgeous Prague Show more
Army Paul Goldman Candice Chubb 2 AM Films Santiago Show more
Peugeot Fredrik Falck Sandra Sohlman Flodell Film Barcelona Show more
Mercedes Henrik Hansen Valerie Druckman Aero Film Prague Show more
Capital One Guy Manwaring Alice Grant Therapy Films Prague Show more
Hornbach Carl Erik Rinsch Lutz Mueller Markenfilm Berlin Prague Show more
Kanye West "Diamonds" Hype Williams Emmanuelle Cuny-Panicker Stillking Films Prague Show more
Pepsi One Michael Bay Laura Anderson Straw Dogs Prague Show more
Orange "Rugby" Oliver Stone Vincent Joliet RSA Films Prague Show more
Heart Pharmacy Anders Forsman Anna Bergstrom Acne Films Prague Show more
Google Chrome Ali Ali Michael Nouri Stillking Films Prague Show more
Emirates Lieven van Baelen Jacques Lavaud Czar Cape Town Show more
Dolce&Gabbana Hype Williams Susanna Zerbini Filmlover Prague Show more
Beyonce "Check on it" Hype Williams Matthew Stillman Stillking Films New York Show more
Astor Rankin Vincent Bourdin Bandits Prague Show more
L´Oreal Darling Vincent Bourdin Bandits Prague Show more
Bacardi "No bad dancing" Traktor Rani Melendez Traktor Prague Show more
Prodigy "BabyGotTemper" Traktor Lucy Sherwood Traktor Prague Show more
Wrigleys "Dog breath" Malcolm Venville Jessika Shireman Therapy Prague Show more
Captain Morgan Simon Levene Daniel Todd Therapy Films Prague Show more
eBay "Ring" Stylewar Line Postmyr Smuggler Prague Show more
Smirnoff "Quest" Laurent Barthelemy Nicholas Wrathall Psyop NY Prague Show more
Clarks Mike Maguire Gustav Geldenhuys Independent Prague Show more
Ford Fiesta "Dogbot" Mike Maguire Gustav Geldenhuys Independent Prague Show more
Pepsi Matt Aselton Dave Knox Epoch CapeTown Show more
Audi A4"Cuerdas" Nacho Gayan Toni Moreno Agosto Prague Show more
X-Box Daniel Askill Kathy Rhodes @radical media Prague Show more
Labatt Randy Krallman Cory Berg Smuggler, Soft Citizen Prague, Austria Show more
SoftBank Wong Kar-Wai Dany Wolf Anonymous Content Prague Show more
Victoria's Secret Michael Bay Karen Rohrbacher The Institute Prague Show more
Microsoft Kinect Xbox 360 Malcolm Venville Mark Hall Anonymous Content Prague Show more
The Times Chris Palmer Paul Rothwell Gorgeous Show more
Matalan Steve Cope Kate Taylor Rattling Stick Prague Show more
Jim Beam Logan Richard Kaylor Logan Prague Show more
Shreddies Peter Salmi Bronkhorst Amanda Bare Film Prague Show more
Comcast Daniel Benmayor Richard Berman Anonymous Content Prague Show more
Nationwide Eric Lynne Miranda Johnstone Partizan Prague Show more
L'OR Espresso Pierre Michel Marie Bordaz Smile Unlimited Prague Show more
Stillking Petr Stanek Show more
Kellogg's John Lloyd Stephen Gash Qi Commercials Prague Show more
Nike Football: My time is now Adam Berg Ben Croker The Motel Barcelona Barcelona Show more
Cadbury Joakim Reveman Michael Manacop @radical media Prague Show more
Lifesavers Jens Gehlhaar Richard Kaylor Logan Prague Show more
Neuro MI-ZO Rick Brown Logan Prague Show more
Darksiders2 Leythum Matthew Winkel The Ebeling Group Prague Show more
Heineken (dir.cut) Martin Krejci Malachy McAnenny Stink Prague Show more
Kia Soul Carl Erik Rinsch Margo Mars MJZ Prague Show more
IBM Nathan Price Valerie Romer Park Pictures Prague Show more
Citibank Malcolm Venville John Benet Anonymous Content Prague Show more
Mercedes Cyril Guyot Stephan Brockmann Tempomedia Prague Show more
VW Beetle Ivan Zacharias Nick Landon Stink Prague Show more
UNICEF Sara Dunlop Stuart Bentham Rattling Stick Prague Show more
Mountain Dew Lieven van Baelen Betsy Blakemore RSA Films Prague Show more
Virgin Atlantic Antoine Bardou-Jacquet David Stewart Partizan Cape Town Show more
IKEA "Make Room For Your Life" Adam Berg Ben Croker Stink Prague Show more
Samsung "King of TV" Adam Berg Ben Croker Stink Cape Town Show more
Campari Joel Schumacher Karim Bartoletti Filmmaster Prague Show more
Citizen Christian Bevilacqua Robert Bray Stink Prague Show more
Stella Artois Cidre Wim Wenders Alice Morris 2AM Films Prague Show more
Smirnoff Johnny Hardstaff Ben Link RSA Films Prague Show more
Guinness Nicolai Fuglsig Suza Horvat MJZ Durban, South Africa Show more
The Sapeurs "The Men Inside The Suits" Hector Mediavilla Earl Redcliffe Stillking Films Brazzaville, Congo Show more
Stella Artois Cidre Wim Wenders Nick Crabb 2AM Films Prague Show more
Schweppes Andreas Nilsson Victor Mata Story: WeProduce Prague Show more
Rochas Nieto Guillaume Lefrancois Stink Prague Show more
Royal London Nathan Price Tim Kerrison Park Pictures Prague Show more
Milka Adam Cameron John Doris Mustard, London Prague Show more
Klondike Henrik Sundgren Johnny Parker Acne Production Prague Show more
KVIFF 2014 Ivan Zacharias Zuzana de Pagter Stillking Films Prague Show more
Zalando Anders Hallberg Justin Niklas Mundhenke Tempomedia Prague Show more
IKEA - Beds Juan Cabral Amanda Tassie MJZ Johannesburg Show more
Royal London 2 Nathan Price Tim Kerrison Park Pictures Prague Show more
Currys PC World Chris Cairns David Stewart Partizan Prague Show more
Coors Light Frozen Pint Daniel Kleinman Johnnie Frankel Rattling Stick Prague Show more
Paco Rabanne Alex Courtes Aurelie Bruneau Les Telecreateurs Prague Show more
McDonald's: Popov The Clown Alex Feil Justin Niklas Mundhenke Tempomedia Prague - Circus King, McDonald's Sterboholy Show more
Immowelt Patrick Hughes Tobias Steinhauser @radical media Show more
G.E. Nathan Price Patricia Frazier Park Pictures Prague, Kladno Show more
Audi D.A.R.Y.L. Neil Andrews Pulse Films, London Show more
Vodka Belvedere Antoine Bardou-Jacquet David Stewart Partizan, Los Angeles Show more
Zedd Jonathan Desbiens Jamee Ranta Vision Film Co Show more
Ubisoft Seb Edwards Pat Frazier Park Pictures Show more
Edeka Alex Feil Justin Niklas Mundhenke Tempomedia Show more
Playstation Star Wars Lance Acord Caroline Kousidonis Park Pictures Show more
Playstation Star Wars Lance Acord Caroline Kousidonis Park Pictures Prague Show more
Samsung: Human Kaleidoscope Michael Gracey Russell Curtis Partizan Prague Show more
Jean Paul Gaultier "Factory" Dvein Benoit Roques STINK Paris Prague Show more
Jägermeister Sara Dunlop Ellie Fry Rattling Stick, London Prague Show more
Guinness Rugby - The Right Path Hillcoat John Malachy McAnenny Stink Cape Town Show more
KVIFF 2016 Ivan Zacharias Zuzana de Pagter Stillking Films Prague Show more
IBM Watson Joe Pytka PYTKA PVA Expo Prague Show more
Samsung Unpacking Asif Mian & Bob Partington David Stewart 1stAveMachine London Prague Show more
Apple Lance Acord Caroline Kousidonis Park Pictures Prague Show more
StubHub - Always Hal Kirkland Karen Rohrbacher Here Be Dragons Prague Show more
Axe Nick Ball Toby Courlander Blink Prague Show more
Stella Artois - Delivery Hanna Maria Heindrich Beate Ehlert RadicalMedia Prague Show more
KVIFF 2017 Ivan Zacharias Zuzana de Pagter Stillking Films Prague Show more
Toyota Mobility For All John Hillcoat Malachy McAnenny Serial Pictures Prague Show more
Making of L'Etoile Prague Show more
The Wolf: True Alpha Lance Acord Caroline Kousidonis Park Pictures Prague Show more
Happiness with Lancôme Masato Riesser Franck Servoz Prodigious Show more
Amazon Prime Fredrik Bäckar Simon Eakhurst Believe Media Prague Show more
Numb - Linkin Park Joe Hahn Matt Caltabiano Villains Show more
Geri Halliwell - Look At Me Vaughan Arnell Show more
Thom Yorke: Anima Paul Thomas Anderson Netflix Show more
Nick Urata Martin Krejci Robert Herman Ruffian Show more
Wang Leehom - Your Love Tim Nackashi RSA/Black Dog Prague Show more
Basement Jaxx Traktor Phillipa Smith Partizan Show more
Tour de Force Veronika Hladikova Stillking Films Prague Show more
Lancôme Christian Larson Christophe Nader Soixante Quinze Prague Show more
L'etoile Michel Gondry David Stewart Partizan Show more
Syoss George Tryan Gunnar Meyer Tempomedia Prague
Axe Ivan Zacharias Nick Landon Smuggler Dobris, Prague Municipal House, Kraluv Dvur
Stella Artois - The Rivals Joachim Back Malachy McAnenny Somesuch & Co Lake Como, Italy
Hennessy X.O - The Seven Worlds Ridley Scott Debbie Garvey RSA Films Prague
Duran Duran Dean Karr Arthur Gorson Virgin Records