Following an improvement in conditions of Coronavirus outbreak in CZ, the Czech government has canceled restrictions of free movement as of Friday, April 17th and introduced phases for reopening the country. It has opened its borders to EU citizens, with restrictions. Currently there are shoots with local crews happening.


  • EU citizens are allowed to travel to CZ. UK & Belgium citizens must prove a negative test and their movement in the Czech Republic is limited.
  • Shoots are happening with local crew and talent using remote capabilities for foreign crew and clients if required.
  • All crew (except talent) are requested to wear masks.
  • Safety protocols and social distancing (2 meters) are being implemented - click here for Stillking Films Covid-19 safety protocol.
  • There are no government-imposed rules to the amount of crew on set, common sense has to be used.
  • Permit offices are issuing permits for location shoots. Only locations that allow social distancing are being scouted.
  • Stages are open for shoots.
  • Wardrobe and rental houses are open.
  • Restaurants and hotels are open.
  • European airlines are resuming flights to and from Prague as of:

Netherlands – operated from May 4th.
France – operated from May 18th.
Italy – from June 12th with 1 stop, from June 18th direct flight.
UK – from May 22th low costs, from July 1st British Airways.
Spain – from June 5th with one stop, from 18th June direct flight.
Germany – operated from May 18th.
Sweden – operated from May 21st.
Denmark – operated from May 24th with 1 stop, from June 11th direct flight.
Norway – from June 03rd with 1 stop, no direct flight planned.
Switzerland –from June 5th.
Austria – from June 1st with 1 stop, from June 22nd direct flight.

Please click on the link here to learn about our remote shoot capabilities.

We are closely observing the situation and will be posting new updates on this link.




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