Remote shooting

For remote collaboration we supply live QTAKE streaming, see more on


Stillking Films has partnered up also with one of Europe's leading post-production studios, with over 25 years of experience in the film and advertising industry, to offer you the ability to globally live stream online video (1,5 sec delay) while working with us. Their technological solution has an excellent track record, used with Stillking as recently as March 2020. Both the client and agency took part in the shoot from their offices and homes in the USA.






1. Can you stream to more than one location?

Yes. We can provide multiple 'concurrent' streams to multiple continents.

2. What is the stream time delay?

The camera feed delay is only 1-2 second, worldwide.

3. Is the stream secure?

The stream is fully secured by our private, secure DataCloud, providing global access to a full HD stream via your desktop, tablet or smartphone! Low latency h264 streaming runs through private data cloud via https protocol and it is protected by password or PIN for each unique user. 

4. Can you stream video and audio simultaneously?  


5. Pricing

The price consists of the price of data cloud rental, the price of data transmission and video server service hours.

6. My internet connection is slow. Could you help me?

We can downsize streams to SD ( standard ) quality for users with limited internet connectivity. To stream the full HD quality video with good & smooth playback, a minimum of 10 Mbps download speed is required.

7. Do I need any special equipment to see the video stream?

No, you need only a computer or tablet, iPad, iPhone, etc. with an installed web browser.

8. Can I get a record of the feed?

Yes, it's part of your dailies.

9. May I stream the whole shooting day?

Yes, we can stream complete shooting day including video assist review. There is no limitation.

10. Do you provide any backup options?

The backup option is Livestream based on, or platforms from the camera with longer delay /app.20-30 secs/ . There is a 12 hours limit of one stream.

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