Thanks for your support

Thanks for your support

For the last 10 years a donation is made on behalf of each production to two charities we work with.

"Krtek" was founded by Martina Smukova and provides medical and logistical support for children and their families effected by cancer. As well as regular support we (together with Portland Trust) re-built a residential building in Brno where families can stay whilst their children receive care. Krtek's team does a great job of helping the children get good and early treatment as well as on-going care and support. see more on

Chance for Children is run by Manfred Franke and his great group. They provide all sorts of support for kids in orphanages from basic neccessities (which they run around the country collecting) to entertainment and days out. see more on

Both Chance For Children and Krtek are run by amazing individuals who do an incredible job.